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Web Hosting and Webcare

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Our Work Process

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Web Hosting and Webcare
Web Content Updates

Content Updates

Create additional pages for improved user experience and up-to-date information. Update existing content for accuracy, freshness, and SEO optimization.

Blog Updates

Blog Updates

Regularly check and update plugins, ensuring compatibility and functionality. Test plugins in a staging environment before deploying updates to the live site.

Bugs and Errors Solving

Bugs and Errors Solving

Conduct regular audits to identify and resolve bugs, errors, and inconsistencies. Collaborate with the development team to deploy patches and address critical issues promptly.

Security And Spam Management

Security And Spam Management

Perform regular security audits and update software to defend against cyber threats. Implement anti-spam measures and educate users on security best practices.

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What our clients say about us

Since working with ScaleUp42 to set up and execute our google ads, we have seen many positive changes in our business. I appreicate the responsiveness of the team and how they help us strategize google ads to fit our needs. The ad campaigns have definitely helped us rapidly grow over the last few months.

Dr. Priyanka Gupta, ND   |

  West End Women’s Health


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