Naturopathic Doctor Grows Her Practice With ScaleUp42'S Web Services and Google Marketing Services

About Dr. Viktoriya Zabigaylo, ND

Dr. Viktoriya Zabigaylo, ND is a licensed naturopathic doctor helping patients optimize their health by addressing the root cause of illness. Dr. Viktoriya wanted to develop a strong digital presence that would drive qualified leads to her practice.

ScaleUp42’s Objectives

  • Develop a SEO-friendly website to generate higher domain authority and strong presence on search engines.
  • Set up and manage Google Ads campaign to drive qualified leads
  • Optimize Google Ad campaigns to enhance ads performance and reduce cost of customer acquisition.


  • Website Design and Development
  • Google Search Ads

Outcome Summary


Total Website Conversions Delivered (Sep 2023 to Apr 2024)


Google Ads Conversion Rate (Sep 2023 to Apr 2024)


New Clients Acquired Through Google Ads

Key Challenges

  • At onboarding, Dr. Viktoriya’s website needed UI/UX upgrades.
  • Website layouts needed strategic call to actions and flows to develop customer trust and drive customers to take desired actions.
  • Competition and Budget constraints created unique challenges as well as an opportunity to develop a highly tailored campaign.

Our Strategy

Web Development

  • Redesigned the entire website to have contemporary appearance and CX.
  • Customer workflows were developed using the most effective UX practices, and various prompts and triggers were introduced.
  • Conversion points were set up using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to track performance.

Google Ads

  • Specific services were shortlisted to capture users with specific purchase intent.
  • Google Ad tactics were created to focus on users at different phases of their purchasing journey.
  • Developed a comprehensive keyword strategy based on thorough research.

Our Results

Website Performance

Conversion rate of 34% achieved

Google Ads Campaigns

Delivered 2,400+ users with website 700+ conversions


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